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Since childhood, whether you enjoyed it or not, you likely visited a dentist every six months to check on your teeth. But did you know that roughly 90 percent of all diseases - both chronic and acute - display signs within your mouth? Your dentist is typically the first healthcare professional capable of identifying serious health ailments before it develops into a serious problem. In fact, during a regular dental visit, your dentist is capable of determining your cardiovascular system health, diabetes risk and even whether or not you're experiencing too much stress within your life.
Although you may understand the fundamental importance of regular dental visits, the key to vitality is not simply eating healthy and exercising regularly. The health of your mouth and teeth directly influences the health of literallye very system within your body.

Signs you need to see a dentist right away

While you should strive to visit a dentist every six months to sustain healthy teeth and to catch diseases before they become severe, there are several signs which indicate an immediate need for a dental visit. These include:
  • Tooth Sensitivity - Are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot beverages and foods? If so, this can be a sign of potentially serious dental conditions
  • Bleeding Gums - Do your gums bleed during flossing or brushing? Are your gums swollen or puffy? This is typically a sign of gum disease or the proliferation of serious oral conditions
  • Persistent Bad Breath - Does your breath never seem to freshen? Do you find your breath features a strong, distinct smell? A visit to your dentist is essential to uncover the underlining reasons for persistent bad breath.
  • Sore Jaw Muscles - Are your jaw muscle sore in the morning? Do you feel as if your bite is misaligned? You may be suffering from a myriad of potential conditions ranging from excess stress to teeth decay.
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Even if you aren't showcasing any negative oral symptoms, visiting an American Dental Association accredited dentist is imperative to sustaining whole body health. Through continuity in dental care, you will have unlocked the key to retaining a beautiful smile in your life.

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