Lactation Consultants

Reasons for Lactation Specialists Existing

One of the biggest misconception regarding breastfeeding is the ease at which mother and infant sync into this instinctual choreography. While there are some who naturally slip into this essential component of being a new mom, others find the process of learning and cultivating healthy breastfeeding habits and techniques far more difficult than originally anticipated. Whether a child was premature, born with special health needs or simply unable to grasp the concept of nursing, mothers may be frustrated, scared, and anxious over a natural process that's simply not coming naturally. If you've found yourself in a similar situation, stop worrying and turn to a lactation consultant

Services Offered by Lactation Consultants

Many find the notion of turning to a professional for such an instinctual process embarrassing or futile; however, throughout the past several decades, the concept of lactation consultants has moved into the primary consciousness of physicians and mothers alike. These professionals provide the following services: 

  • Assist mothers during the initial phases of pumping or breastfeeding
  • Create a customized feeding plan/schedule based upon the unique elements and factors of the newborn
  • Troubleshoots problems experienced by the mother or infant when it comes to breastfeeding
  • Educates mother's on the best methods and techniques to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the newborn
  • Cultivates a complete breastfeeding plan to be followed once mother and child leave the hospital


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Signs You Need a Lactation Consultant

Bowing to the fact that you need a lactation consultant is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for a new mother. However, it's also one of the most important for you and your newborn. While there are many variables that determine whether or not a lactation consultant is needed, the following are considered important signs indicating the need for these professionals: 

  • Persistent pain during multiple breastfeeding sessions
  • Nipple damage that's not healing in a timely manner
  • Unnaturally low milk supply
  • Unnaturally high milk supply
  • A suspicion of blocked ducts
  • Symptoms of thrush for you or the newborn
  • Infection within or around your nipples
  • Finding that your baby is not gaining weight as he or she should
  • Feedings are less than six times in a 24-hour period during the first six weeks
  • The baby refuses to breastfeed after multiple attempts
  • You or the infant have a medical condition which makes breastfeeding difficult

If you believe you need the assistance of a lactation consultant, seek out a professional certified by the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) or contact your local hospital or midwife for lactation consultant recommendations. 


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